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              February 2019
              NETWORK ITALY 
              The new year is confirming the positive trends of 2018 
              The annual FIAMM Sales Network Convention took place this year in the prestigious Miramonti Majestic 
              Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo. 
              The Mobility Power Solutions sales network operating on the automotive market were joined for the 
              meetings by their Reserve Power Solutions counterparts. The industrial batteries sales network counts 
              nearly thirty agents and is distributed nationwide. 
              FIAMM Top Management – namely C.E.O. Stefano Dolcetta and Head of Finance & Control Giovanni Zola 
              – presided one of the many meetings held over several days during the convention chaired by Vice 
              Executive President Nicolò Gasparin together with the Sales and Marketing Managers. 
              For Top Management, this was the opportunity to reveal a preview of the 2015 business results, which 
              indicate a +6% revenue growth, up from 584 million in 2017 to 620 in 2018, reaching a total of 620 
              million euros. 
              These numbers are a success also for the various business areas concerned which during 2015 stood out 
              by achieving major growth and market share consolidation results. 
              More in detail, Mobility Power Solutions (products and solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow) 
              closed 2015 in the positive with sales up by approximately 7%, nearly 8 million items sold worldwide and 
              a revenue of 257 million euros, +10% compared to 2014. These results are especially significant 
              considering the overall market situation which despite the pick-up in new car registrations still has to 
              reach pre-crisis levels. 
              Significant is the growth in the OE business area, driven by the sales of batteries for cars fitting 
              Stop&Start systems. It is expected that 2016 will be full of new challenges in the OE area with the 
              looming deadline for the new CO2
               emission limits with which car makers need to comply by 2020. 
              In the Aftermarket area, over four million parts were sold marking a 8.6% increase in exports. Ever more 
              foreign partners are choosing FIAMM for their markets because of product quality and the visibility of a 
              brand which is increasingly well known worldwide. 
              The Reserve Power Solutions business area, with years of know-how in the industrial battery sector, 
              closed 2015 with positive results. The business revenue exceeded the 180 million euro mark with a 
              growth in excess of 6% in the EMEA region. Worth noting is the excellent sales performance in China 
              (+61% vs. 2014), which is a further confirmation that the FIAMM brand is perceived as the byword for 
              quality and reliability on international markets. 
              The main news for Reserve Power Solutions for 2019 will be the launch of no fewer than three revamped 
              product lines on the market: FLB for the UPS market, SLA dedicated to the Utilities world and the 
              Telecom market and the restyling of the small sealed battery range (SSLA).